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I'm listening to Silence speak.......

Posted to Poetry

I'm listening to Silence speak,
My heart a distant drum, too weak
To pound again! I hear the breath
Of God's exhale and yet I'm deaf,
The full resound of our sweet dream
Is lost with me in in-between.
I'm listening, the sky so bleak,
To Silence as it tries to speak!

I'm drinking in the lines we've lost,
So liquid clear are times we've tossed,
So thirsty are our souls for peace!
I sip the phrases in, at least,
And wonder, staring out in space
Why constellations were erased,
Why nights can end burned up by sun
In mid-beginnings never won.

The moon looks like a tambourine,
Though rhythms I can't hear, it seems.
Its halos circle, blinding day,
Pulled down so tight there is no way
For music, poetry or light
To make a path through slats tonight.
I've pulled the shades tight with my soul
And now hear Silence drown me whole.

Perhaps its best to hear the voice
Of nothing when there is no choice,
Though still, my Love, I long to hear
Your whispered Truths within my ear
Again, yet Silence now is friend,
Compassion is its voice, the end
Of beating hearts like drums too weak
To pound again, while Silence speaks.

So sad to hear the echo of
The walls inside my heart, the Love
Which lived united long, now lone,
As if a Mystery had grown
Becoming Ev'rything, so filled,
Now like a cup which has been spilled.
The music of each lyric note
Are drops spread thin in lines we wrote.

I try to gather them and catch
Each sound, each song, within a glass,
Pour melodies back in my heart
To play once more our passioned start.
Our treasured song I store in place.
Our tunes are one, and no erase
Of Time can e'er make notes of us
Be silent. They are quotes of us.

I keep our arias and tone
Held safe, though now we sing alone.
One day, our play of muse, unique
We'll hear once more.

Now Silence speaks.