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allow the knots to come undone
let the leaves color and fall
pink glass bottled wine glints
sunlight from empty shelves
in lonely blue structures across
shivering field nights passed
crumpled paper squeezed tightly hands
let the visions come
your parents will die
fires burn into the ground
passion smokes burn the nostril
are there smiling faces chasing yours
looking for a brain to gnaw on
do you slip into high euphoria
while sleeping under falling leaves
next to garbage trucks
singe the blocky clumsy words from your mind
and think in terms of oil being poured into a hole
in the side of your head
what normal dance of boredom
do you describe adequatly to your desciples
a dancer is not a dancer
a wall is not a shoe
a saturday night is not a theatre
your burning eyes do not see
carpet lamps chairs tasks screens signs fields
a crack in a wall is infinite visions
i am addicted to visions
let them come
suck their vapors out of night air
panting in some self malicious solitude
swilling down hot lamp oil
getting your bowel jacked off by a cattle prod
and whiskey washing the makeup and blood down the arch of my back and asshole into the drain
specks of glass rain crystaline peering out into plunger faces suburbia rattles on
traincar full of baby rattles
a cloudy body in the sky emulates your every move with the shivering outlines
slice the flesh of the sky so it rains wd-40 on the hissing scalp back boils shingles
i hang
from a
bar in a closet
by a clotheshanger
through my ears
my left eye
rolls back
into my head
i press hand palm
against wall
smile with the ear canal
growing around my left eye
in the shape of a question mark