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Writing on Marble

Posted to Action Poetry

smoky facade
walked on the
edge of fire
this circle not
for thee
this trapped
feeling a box
and it took all
that I could
muster to see
and the burn
should be cool
most times I am
this time I be
near blazin' in
the frying pan
a night on the town
the music now AFROCELT
my mood?
I have no mood
mission is 2 impossible
and once more I find
myself standin' at
the crossroads saying,
"Lord I gotta keep on movin'"
and with my bag of
musical tricks I
do be groovin'
so there ain't gonna be
no boo-hooin'
round cheer
gonna pour down
a shot of capn'
think of the (1)
I held so dear
and the fact
that it's the here
and now that's all we
have.....the in between
waiting makes ya feel
ya been had
well so tonight
I am a whole lot sad
it's a feeling that's
never gonna end
it's a feeling very
much like the bitter end........WIREMAN