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Boston in Jack's books

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Kerouac visited Boston many times, and wrote about it in his books.

In ON THE ROAD he mentions being in the Imperial Cafe on Scollay Square in 1942 (p.245)

In VISIONS OF CODY he talks of laying on the grass on Boston Common (p.102), and of a little tailor shop on Beacon Hill (p.250), as well as Boston Chinatown (p.302)

In MAGGIE CASSIDY, Kerouac mentions running the track at Boston Garden (p.158/9), and the Greek lunchcarts near North Station (p.159)

In VANITY OF DULUOZ, he talks of his various hitchhiking trips to Boston, with "Sabbas" (p.84), "Dicky Hampshire" (to Scollay Square) (p.85), and "Timothy Clancy" (p.114), as well as his familiarity with Boston Harbor (p.138).

There are many more mentions of Boston in Kerouac's other books, including THE TOWN & THE CITY, BOOK OF DREAMS, and ATOP AN UNDERWOOD. Check 'em out!