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some very unpoetical answers

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although i hate them as a band, bon jovi's "these days" album
always helps me wear my depression with pride
and iron maiden's "fear of the dark" is an album i could never live without
a bit in the underground there's moonspell's "wolfheart"
and type 0 negative with their "bloody kisses"
and also a gothic band called interitus dei - "the end of revelation"

i do believe when jack london is mentioned, evrybody emediately thinks of "white fang" and "the call of the wild"
and although those are wonderful allegories
he should be remembered as a realistic-naturalistic writer for his novels "martin eden" and "the iron heel"

is there such a thing as a perfect morning? well, maybe weering off my hangover, turning on some very loud music, lighting a cigarette and having a big, black coffee.

an atheist to the point of fanaticism, i haven't heard any believable gods so far, nor will i ever. as for beliefs, i try to stay politically neutral cos wherever i look i have the tendency of seeing more than ideology. i can also see the hypocrisy and the nonsense, and i can't take that.

my favourite's gotta be "the mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death" (oscar wilde)

i'm generally not proud of my work, but i guess it has to be "great expectations", for the way in which it connected me to people.

i'd really like to see scotland and india, although i have no chance of understanding the latter, it's something so beyond my power to imagine.

i don't like comedies, or i haven't seen one that i would like so far. i've seen a ionesco play turned into a pretty good comedy by some pretty bad director, but when the laughing was over, i almost cried.

so there you have it, tim. my answers in short bursts. enjoy!