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well i guess

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Meddle by Pink Floyd is the greatest album ever, echoes tears me apart inside starting low in my chest and working towards my throat.

I dont know about underrated but i think Jules Vernes lesser known works should get more regard.

The perfect morning is when i wake up and feel that wierd comforting knot between my ribs and i can count the heartbeats in my chest. The type of mornings when the only good thing in the world is everything and its all in your bed.

Im not religious but i do believe in something most people would call god. I percieve it as a We and not a He. Its all around us and it is everything. Once I was riding on a bus and i felt the connection between myself and everyone else on the bus, I cant describe it but it was deffinately there.

My favorite quote is soemthing i said myself while on a train somewhere outside of Lamy, NM. I was having a conversation about how real the things we see while dreaming are. There is no place for reality in real life, and vice versa!"

Ive never posted here.

I would like more than anything to go to china and walk the entire great wall.

I really dont have a preference when it comes to comedy, something that will make me laugh i suppose.