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Posted to Action Poetry

found artist
sobbing drooling paints
on glowing canvases
in the dawn park

dragged him into
the workshop with
a razor and a pair of scissors
cut off the artists thumbs
index middle ring pinky
fingers letting them fall
onto his small canvas pile

pouring blood
sliced off his ears
sliced out his eyes
sliced off his nose
cut out his tongue
cut slits in his throat
silencing his voice
cut off his big toes
cut out a kidney
sealing him in
an embalming fluid hole

pulling out his body
taught him once again
simply to laugh
at everything
said to him
knotting a hammer around his
right stump with wire
set him to work
all day and all night
pounding nails into wooden walls
5 cents a nail

retiring occasionally to the bars
to sit in the shadows
a long straw connecting lips
to gasolene troff