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earth calling

Posted to Action Poetry

im looking for life:
no sign of it.
and i gotta admit
my friends are all
whatcha waiting for?
say it goddamnt it
its on yer mind i just
speak mine
running my mouth im
good at it
i like to upset you and
sit back and wait
tell me im fucked up
should watch my mouth
how?turn my eyeballs
inside out?
im looking for life and
uh,theres no sign of it.
lets sit around pretend
we want a normal life
while you just wait for
me speak up
ok allrite
enough of this shit
suffering like a martyr
when yer all dopesick
so uh-oh she said it
omigod!shes CRAZY
lets go get
another sunday nite
in dull grey steel city
nothing to redeem it but
the dope