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Olympic Possibilities

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As the Winter Olympics comes to a close I am left with the feeling that it truly is the youth of this world that must take the flag of freedom throughout the lands for our fragile planet necessitates all the love that we as a people can muster for the survival of all life.

Once again the Holy Spark of Life shines in the eyes of mankind, showing us that peace and harmony are not just words of idealism, but words that symbolize a universal need. This Holy Spark dissolves the dark shadows of ignorance that inhibits love to truly flourish in the ways that can enhance life for all on this, our planet earth.

We can reach the Garden that was lost thru religions. We can regain the Paradise that was lost thru our own sins of greed. We can nourish the fullfillment of dreams within this, our only garden in the vast cosmos, by surrendering our fears to the compost, so it may breakdown into a fertile food for the seeds of dreams to awaken to unity with all, embraced as one common good for all.

The Olympics shows that these games are not just games, but the art of play finely honed thru love and discipline, that enhances the beauty of that which we have labeled as 'mankind', a universal presence that has the ability to transcend that which has stifled us for centuries from reaching across borders and embracing all that the world truly is... a Garden of Eden, that desperately needs we the people of this planet to refertilize, nurture, and tend so our children may reap the true goodness that lies within us all.

Peace and love will awaken these latent truths:

That all people are created equal, endowed by their Creator with the Holy White Light of Eternity showing all of us the Path thru the Garden, given to all of life to nourish our dreams into possbilities that we have only imagined.