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banana man, mr. ferlinghetti

Posted to Action Poetry

banana laughing man ran past my curb squatting eyes
smoke rising in the sky
tidal waves of neon boys and naked girls
across the alley I watched him
jack in gap love khakis
he grim jawed black eyed hair man he of the wandering word - wanders no more
he staring back at me staring at him posted on a wall and now
he winked at me
and so
lives on in other soled souls bootheels wandering and all
he who sold a million pairs of levis and opened just as many coffee bars
the barmaid danced between the tables
her and big al and carol dody
squeezing between a rack of tommy guns and titties
a chinese bus ran past the tourist trap
hey snap our pittchers willya mister?
rising I abide the chatty catty chattering teeth as big as eyes and the stares
staring back at me
preserved for infinity or until chemical Kodak smiles disappear behind the rust of days gone by
treasured like all the other insane
it was animal water day in the city
where were all the poets?
then up came running back the banana laughing man
I sat down on the curb again and laughed
aren't you mr. ferlinghetti?
i asked
the banana
he just kept
on running