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the name pops up when I hit the first letter.

why the Well, I always seem to repeat this robot goat thing in my writings. so I figured why use Vonneguts name, when I seem to have my own?

Band...My band is called Local Instinct...They have been around awhile, and actually I was a fan before I became the bass player(I joined last summer). Not very well known, even locally, but good. I would say we play a sort of darker rock influenced by the good Seventies shit.............Origianl songs, and a few covers. Radiohead (Climbing Up the Walls), Marley (No Woman No Cry), Pearl Jam (Release)....a few more I can't thing of right now. We do a kick ass version of "Goin' Down", the blues standard. Balls to the wall on that one. (did I just use the term "balls to the wall"?????? yikes.)

Overall, a good band to watch "on weed".