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blues fer michelle kwan

Posted to Action Poetry

how hard that ice must
have felt, how cold against
yer paper thin outfit, the
map of yer skin beneath it,
when you fell the entire
city of cleveland heard the
sound & knew it by heart,
that psychic betrayal of fate,
the sweet victory that was
just not to be, the grimace
on yer face our grimace, the
sound of yer heart like
a giant boulder splashing
into deep water, that was
ugly familiar, yer sad smile &
proud face surfaced right
after, & much later, alone, when
no one was looking, those fat
tears were our tears baby,
you know, there's nowhere else
on earth where you could hear
the words: we know how you
feel, & really believe it for
even a solitary icy second,
these blues are for you,
michelle kwan, tonight the
moon has been shut off, like
a light, & the drinks are on us

-- markk