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where shadows were not friends...

Posted to Action Poetry

got lost moving forward
no tracks left behind
stillstruck at intersection
of campbell & fourteenth
the last place i wanted to be

the vatos were crisp
khakis pressed so stiff
as to cut the silence
that thrashed overhead
their black florsheims
reflecting the moon
like quarters on the street

i looked around stumbling
knowing this scene
and the pulse of fingers
snapping at the beats
of taps clicking
off the heels ready
to stomp some ass
of the intruder in the barrio

'kay pwes, essay?
kay esta hassi-yendo?'
i asked with eyes alert
and a heart idling
like an old dodge
overhead cam supercharged
for outrunning the man

'pasa me your fucking money.'
the alpha male of the pack
said with eyes squinting
from the light of the lamp

'i dont have any money
except para this qwee-da...'
hoping the flip of the
quarter reaching up to the air
spinning like a acrobat
in the still night air
might show what i said was true.

they laffed-after alpha laffed
on cue and thru their hands up
slapping each other with humor
that caused me to laff with them

'just shittin wit ya', dude
you cool....gotta fra-ho?'
and i pulled out my pack
of american spirits and shook
one out at a time until
five were taken...'tiene say reeyo?'
i flipped a pack of matches to 'em

'gracias compa'... and get
a fuckin' haircut, dude...."
i smiled and walked with the light
shadows were no friend
in nights such as these.