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Can't sleep

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So I decided to write some stuff that's been spinning around in my head for the past hour or so rather than sit there with it spinning aroung for another couple of hours.
I picked up the "Pi" DVD Saturday and watched it tonight. It was my third time to see it, and I must say it gets better with each viewing. Anyways, it got me thinking about how patternes exist everywhere, and this lead to thoughts about how the universe is structured in fractals. This also lead to contemplation of the idea of "ontogeny recapitulates phylongeny" or put more simply, the development of the individual recapitulates the develeopment of the species. This went on (yes, I did have quite a bit of caffiene today) to thoughts about how segments of peoples' lives may possibly mirror historical events in the world as a whole.
Finally, I was reminded of a flash of inspiration that hit me during the halftime of the recent Superbowl. I thought it would be interesting to write a story about a series of events in a small group of people's lives that corresponds to the turn of events in a sporting event that goes on at the same time. I have no idea exactly how I would pull this off. I know I should start with thinking of a way two sides of the group would be divided and think of some sort of goal both sides are striving to reach for. How I'm going to make their real life events correspond to events within a sporting event is presently beyond me.
What triggered this idea has a lot to do with stuff that kept popping up in my blunted mind while watching the Superbowl. I had this crazy idea that the Ram's season was somehow astrologically dictated. For example, the symbol of the Ram corresponds to the astrological sign Aries. I've read that a defining characteristic of people influenced by Aries is that they "charge" into situations and obstacles, often being very sucessful at first, but usually having trouble pulling everything together for the long hall. This seems to be reflected in the St Louis Ram's season- they charged their way almost to the top, but couldn't get there all the way. Then, I thought about how the history of St Louis has am Aries tinge to it. It was one of the big economic centers of the country, but since around 1950 or so it's been gradually going downhill ever since.
Does anyone know anything about what cities are influenced by what astrological signs? I tried to find something on the internet about it, but wasn't sucessful. I have a book that tells about some the astrological influence on some cities (for example: Chicago, San Fransico= Leo, New York= Cancer, Boston= Virgo, New Orleans and Baltimore = Scorpio) but I haven't found anything that says what constellation St Louis is mainly influenced by to see if my intuition is right or not. I've also thought of some other possible correspondances: Denver= Libra, San Antonio = Sagitarius, Albuquerque = Virgo, Tulsa and Cheyene = Tarrus). This may be a bunch of insomnia induce rambling, but by God I might be on to something.