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Posted to Action Poetry

i saw you looking
the curtains barely moved
but those feet
how could i not know

i played the part
tried the tease
get you interested
i rubbed myself
getting stiff

were you really there
as i unzippped

i really was getting up
aroused like never before
i released myself
from the tightness
of levis belted with
a strip of black leather

sliding away the boxers
i grew even larger
thinking of you
behind yellowed curtains
....a shoe shuffled
ever so lightly....

and i played my game
as you played the part
so silently watching
the secret show
without paying a cent

i continued on
for me, for you
i rubbed my cock
stiffened with delight
and thought of you
and what you were thinking

did you know? i sure did
and the excitement increased
as i rubbed my scrotum
lightly with nails
like you would do to me

and the shuffle of your
right foot i saw with eyes
half closed in passions embrace
firmly gripping myself
.....i stroked lightly
thinking of you and me

the excitement was high
...i thought i may die
performing for you
with my pleasure so exposed
when i thought it was only me
but knowing that you were there
and why could i not have you

but the show did go on
this little sex show
the show of me to you
peeking at me as if i
did not know you were there

i continued.....stroke
after stroke, i rubbed
i jacked, i massaged..
reaching a point
the point of no return

you moaned and the curtains
they opened just as i....
you came to me
as i came for you
and you embraced
with loving fingers
my stiffness dripping
with the juices pumped
from deep inside

and we smiled
and you said....
and i did too...

thank you my love
tonight is your turn