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I would agree with you, but this, and I dislike explaining my pomes as I think the viewer should see whatever they want to see, was about one critic in my life. I cannot make life easier for all, only for myself and hence a reflection of the layers, the strata of what is the illusion of self. You are so right about comments on other's efforts and I know what an effort writing can be. I try and comment but sometimes, especially when the pome or story is truly amazing, there are just no words. If you are really good you leave no tracks in the snow. As for judging others or critiquing or correcting or whatever, I think being an example is the best response. We come to know what we know when we are ready.

Thank you Tim, I think you are very talented, astute, and I am grateful that you found this place.

Boy, did I babble on or what? ;)