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I'm all for stroking the cat! But, since I have been around this joint for awhile, I know pretty much who appreciates me and who doesn't and if they do or don't say anything...well, it's all okiedokie with me. Some of us are a bit more insecure with our output and need the strokes or appreciate the guidance and that's kool. As long as we don't beat the cat to a bloody pulp, leaving the young and impressionable bruised and battered, vowing never to write again. It takes a lot of balls/ovaries to lay your guts out on the page for the whole class to disect. In the process we learn alot, respect for the individuality, understanding that we all have similarities, or that we are all unique. The laws of Karma, physics, are in order and what goes around comes around so I try and carefully shoot my arrow knowing it will penetrate to my very soul. We teach always, we learn always. I from you, you from me learning to use our gift, this life. Thank you Tim, for your inspiration...

(stepping down from the soapbox into the derby)