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On Living in Utah

I just had to get this out....

For the past two weeks the Winter Olympics have been here in my home state of Utah. I have been fortunate enough to have attended some of the events, and meet a lot of different people. I have genuinely enjoyed the atmosphere and life that the Olymics have brought to Utah. But I have one question:

Is the fact there are Mormons in Utah the only thing people know about Utah? Seriously, EVERY SINGLE TIME I met someone from out of the state/country and told them I was a local the first thing they asked me was, "are you Mormon?".

Not "do you ski?"
Not "do you mountainbike?"
Not "are you going to school?"
Not "what do you do for a living?"

All of which are common conversation starters. Since when did discussing religions become a topic to open a discussion up with? It's almost as tacky as asking what political party one belongs to when first meeting.

Not only did I encounter this in Utah, but I went to Las Vegas last weekend the same phenomenon happened while I was in a club. Each guy that asked me where I was from immediately after asked, "are you Mormon?". Some even went so far as to ask, "do you go to BYU?" (Brigham Young University synonymous for its Mormon establishings)

So where am I going with this? What is my point?

My point is, if I meet a New Yorker, do I ask them if they are Jewish? If I meet someone from any of our Southern states, do I ask them if they are Baptist? If I meet someone from San Francisco, do I ask them if they are gay?

All I'm asking is, if you meet someone from Utah, maybe start the conversation with, "how about them Jazz?"