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your incredible pieces

Posted to Action Poetry

i imagine your star nova burnt out
light years upon eons ago
so all i see
is a solid ghost of you
in the wee hours of this dawn.
let me touch you
putting my fingers on your collarbone.
let me lick --
just so --
this space at the base of your neck.
let me smell your wrists
and kiss miniature daisies onto your veins.
let me put my hands on you
to know
here you are
here you are
with me
i am sure your footsteps
are left in wild dying forests
laced with the sound of your laughter--
diamonds sparkling in the darkest of all nights.
where were you before you wandered here?
where did you collect all these incredible pieces
that have become
a magnificent body of constellations called you?
i wonder in my quiet nights
wandering my thoughts over your fading stars
how i'll fit into the universal concept of you
and begin to disappear and distentgrate
so all that's left
are beautiful pieces of us.