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Ya Know I Sat There

Posted to Action Poetry

big breaths....taking
big deep breaths
watched the ladies of the night
the human drama
urban plight
watched a cop chasing a kid
hollering..."STOP!!!! or I'll
shoot ya lil motherfucker... STOP"
put together a band
and then broke it up
found a store of wired will
looked out a bay window
on a world in constant movement
unending change
changed my mind bout so many things
watched a whole lotta people pay for a tan
and the nail buisiness...(((BOOMING)))
and the CREATIVE ALLIANCE became #1
and the bakery ,damn it's been here
since 1928....and Filippos maybe best carry out in the USA
and a wired one sat behind a glass door
sending all his sculptures away
to other coffee houses and galleries
where they can play and for thee
its really been the word that dominates ...lately
and performing is the key
doing other folks poetry just enhanced me
it really took my performing to a shared level
shared excitement=pure enlightment
and this need to read
not just me
cause ya see
the kids
the ones coming upon wide open seas
the look it in the face believers
that there is a reason to give
a word
a thought
to be heard
and if it's
not to be it
simply won't
so simply-fy
and do-re-mi
can't ya see???????