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On a Hideous Sunrise

Posted to Poetry

The sun eventually rises, the night will end.
That star, it's always there, 'sun overwhelms it.
The phone won't ring. There's anger and hostility.
You were wrong. She doesn't sleep alone tonight.
The memory rides your heart into oblivion. Forgetting isn't voluntary.
Darkness holds the unknown, the possibility of some bit of reality.
This fantasy world has paper walls, the light always shines through.
Let go...of this mental vice-grip on what's not yours.
Shadows and headlights over your face.
She's afraid of everything, she runs.
The night
when the car didn't start.
when love became acknowledgable.
when the arms around her weren't yours.
when the words weren't as sweet.
when lies seemed more appealing.
when sleep just didn't come.
That first day after emotions clouded your mind,
Seemed to last forever.
You stayed up and scrawled in your notebook.
All the things you didn't get to say to her.
Your eyes burned.
She was so far away, forgetting about you.
The world was empty and hated you.
You swore you were wrong.
Because that night,
she wasn't there.
YOU weren't even there,
And it lasted forever