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Be honest (but lie)

Posted to Poetry

I sing loud tunes that break your fragile ears
My honesty disturbs you
Now you're afraid I might kill you
Should of shut my mouth
and played dead
All happy and perfect,
an illusion, a candy coated game
a play with inexperienced actors
our skill is in need of refinement
My words never come out the way my mind intended them to
You're left, bleeding sad reminders of precious love and purity
and I'm sucking away, smiling yet afraid
I cower with guilt and know I am not right (and never will be)
Withering away
A soul in somber decay
Just for one day, I wish I could make you see
The confusion, the sadness, the solitude
The thoughts that creep around inside me
Then maybe you'd truly understand me
and not look at me with a dissapointed curiousity
I'm still fifteen, take some pity on me
Baby this girl
Take me in your arms
love me, devour me
Accept the reality and the fantasy
and burn the barriers in your sensitive heart