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pills I never take my pills
who's there to watch me if I fall apart
someone to catch me when I fall
your love is another form of medication
to solve the situation
Depression rears it's ugly head
and I'm sitting here, wishing we were both dead
On the ground, I lay and cry
You yell and scream,
life is a lie
Desperate hearts entangled in our dusty web
Spin me a tale of love forever true
Promise me you'll stay
don't leave me like she did
I need you
Somebody to provide the fix
numb my pain with your drugs
We fade into the sunset of our thoughts
I melt into you
our disease becomes one
I hope this is eternal
this love you selflessly share
I hope you don't see the ugliness in me
Find my beauty and understand me
My precious gift of happiness
I wait for it all to end
I wonder if it ever lasts