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My final love poem

Posted to Poetry

The gap between us
is moving with gesture
some say it exploded long ago
others claim its disappearance
no order has been noticed
nothing of genuine concern
this makes it easy
while all is undone

Catch the Libras,
while dancing in the constellation
with use of extreme violence
by pulling each other on the scale
this is done

we descend from shine to shiver
to breath the icy sensations.
Beneath clutching silhouettes
and rooms packed with lost shadows
lies a rhyme,
a rhythm
A metric dance,
inside a candle-lit circle
with the greatest ease

All is related in the movement
nothing above counts
or is considered significant
we jump inside vibrations
and pulse ourself a way through
the ground on which we stood

feeling like a moment
captured on paper.
The next step is to fade
never exist in their time and day
lets vapourise together.
we'll probably be killed
by a mob of ignorance
still we should do so
and care for the sounds and intonations
that set us apart.