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GOING OUT OF MY MIND / driving to kill

Posted to Poetry

*some of the line breaks are messed up, just ignore that*

Driving the good ole Honda up the brick road bumpy,
Ridden with holes,
Turn down the main drag.
Nearly hit some old man with a walker—
I wonder why they let old people outside anyway—
But I missed him this time. Guess my conscience got to me.
Maybe I’m just a bad driver/person?
What to do?
Try to find a job. Turn in applications, denied every time.
Have you ever committed a felony?
(a conviction does not necessarily prohibit you from being employed)
Well, not that they know about, but I guess that’s all good then.
See a good spot alongside the road,
Dart across three lanes to prevent the Japanese woman from stealing what’s mine—
Never much liked parallel parking, but sometimes life isn’t so easy.
Pull in, scrape the hubcap on the curb, no real damage, look at the sky, curse.
See the sun, the clouds floating high and I wish I were free, too,
To float and not have to worry about paying my bills.
(maybe I’m just going out of my mind?)
Waited the whole drive to have a cigarette, don’t like stinking up the car—
Strike the match,
Light the tip,
And take it in deep to my insides—feels good.
Used to think I was suave, ha, silly,
Now I know better.
Don’t really know anything anymore but that I’m not so cool.
Step onto the sidewalk,
Step in some gum some fucking punk spit down just for my shoe sole,
Stick to the ground, can’t do a thing but curse and
Wanna kill that little bitch.
Wonder why they let teenagers outside anyway.
When I find him, me driving over the brick road bumpy in the good ole Honda,
I’ll make sure to hit him.