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Happy Fool Moon

Posted to Action Poetry

Floating over skies
Comming close
Closing eyes

Breathe in
breathe out
say what you want to say

Force it past your dumb lips
three words to break the day
She sits in silence

Only words bouncing through
her head, frightnened
to say...three

boing boing
what will it mean

In's not me
I stumble over idiot
residing in my soul

Why can't i say the words
I love you
I love you

My teacher

love in mockery
knock me down
dumb white nigga trash

of flying
in case she crash

Shit and fuck
I guess it's got something
to do with luck

The will to survive
stay alive
don't give it all away

Why can't I say?
Play dumb
learn sum

Night divides the day
Fool moon dangling
thin veil to cast away