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Passion behind the curtains...

Posted to Poetry

I could feel your breath
before the picture of you
ragged as the mountains
just before the setting sun

pausing at the crack
lemon lined curtains
shielding my face
from the exhibition gallery
your artistry on display

engaged in the swirl
time stopped breathing
or was that me as
I held my breath
glazed by the sight
of the wonder of you

loving yourself like
you were loving me
tenderly stroking
the shaft of light
filling the room
with soft mellow moans

should or would or could
I enter and disturb
your silent energy
my lips were moist
blood surging in time
with your trembling grasp

then I knew at once
time surged forward
so did I to catch
drops of wet dew
with my tongue
excitation in your eyes

dipped like a swallow
on the lake of your love...