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i lost it all....
why? amongst the burning moon and the crimson smile of nightdwellers cradling themselves against the naked pound and roar of electri-city... i'm all cold and starving as the light moves from street to sullen bed.... this is an aching of mynerves which descends to the street below... i'm laying down, awake and copying pages out of a catholic missalette.... i stand up reluctantly to look down twenty flights in this concrete and scarred aparment... now, this city is painted rosy with midnight glow... the ants are marching below on ground zero.... the static of modern american family televisions produce the fog... the wheels hidden beneath the pavement, the great generator, the mind of this city are turning... the metroplitan machine producing tectonic love grinding and mashing up of a new narcotic... i breathe gasping a sigh at the sight of haloed creation... the creation that propels the american catalyst an image of the creation of complexion and abandoned vistas the billboards the catwalks of raw and bleach-blond stripclubs, all this and more opening its crusted eyes in a cavalcade of trips to the moon and endless thought rejoined in siamese frustration... within myself, oh now, how can i sit... i sit here and i look looking for strangers some assortments of mute psychosis of love friendship and anticipation.... out in the city which empties songs of broken bottles and newspapers waltzing across its breeze of crucifixions and wedding vows... my eyes jump off the balcony to catch the asphalt civilization and weave the lights into some kind of asphyxiated tattoo which will imprint a crater in my brain
.....unfinished excerpt
A L 10:23 2/14/02