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superstitions of love

Posted to Action Poetry

I know not the superstitions
of love

Perfect love casts out
all fear;
the facade of amor the world wears
falls short
and cannot cover the naked shiver
of desperate, empty lives
that mythologize that Power
and sterilize its Source

It is Divine in nature
and what has masqueraded
as reality
is suddenly
exposed as painful fraud,
pretense and misdirection
that bled misfinanced currency
of heart
in faulty stock of promises
estimating value
beyond substantial worth

And the dross of presupposition
is spent,
consumed by the greater heat
of truth
that warms through mortal bones
like pent-up fire,
bringing blood to cheeks
and resurrecting
bound cadavers
emerging from
charades of shadow caves
to stand
face to face
before the Shadowcaster,
haloed by the Light