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the sleep undreamed - crescent moon

Posted to Utterances

Forever reminiscent of the sleep undreamed within our night,
We long for chances of our fate, eradicating dark with light.
Trading depth perception on the journey which we now embark;
Patiently, we wait for sweet illuminations, on the mark.

Planets on the outskirts of a distant constellation call.
There are times when light refracts us, hypnotizing our enthrall.
I see shadows off the dim horizon, with a glance and glint,
Sparking resolutions of my Love's resolve, omnipotent.

Enrapture me the Love we mend; the moon's a crescent sliced in sky!
December is illuminating; wings of praise erase the why.
I hear your voice now, undiminished, sounds of yearnings passioned through,
Echoing off distant strings since I have vanished into you.

When the night is paralyzed by screens with dreams off focus, dull,
Hold the clouds off center 'til we join our joy, becoming full!