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Some of People....Please Critique

Posted to Poetry

There are the bright cave dwellers
living through an off-white haze
clinging to multiple lonely spectrums
receiving malfigured
perceptions of the other world
from bleached eyes; stymied
oblivious to the invisible machinery
yet transfixed by
the fluorescent wands
of the never-knowing obiter dictum

Then there are the dark-tinged explorers
whose dirty eyes behold the
frenzied shadows; peculiar

whose souls are squelched and
muddy in confused truth

who laugh at the cave crabs
yet for self preservation
nod politely as
the creature of their heads
sloshes in the cesspool of
despair; eternally cheated

who grit their stained teeth
as the nightmares recede
and the light of unknowing confidence
snaps shut the shadows
and beckons the juxtaposition of death