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Three Poems

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A collection of blue mailboxes
On an official mission
Down a corridor of evil
They are lost
Among steel doors
Only the janitor can stop them now


We've checked all the doors and clocks
There is no way back
This entire house is trapped in the past
Someone must not like us
Sigmund is sitting in the Red/Blue chair
I know he has a clock
Hold on -- we are slipping deeper into the past
Do you hear the piano?
Look at the windows
I can't believe this is happening to me
We're moving very fast now


Yes, we are still on course -- why do you ask?
Don't make a fool of yourself
Especially not before the entire universe
Here is an objective view of the situation:
"From where did you obtain this 'list'?"
Clearly it is not current
Don't make a universe of yourself
Especially not before the fool

-Marc Weber (
(from the Junk Poetry collection, 1982)