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here's mine... Each Hue of Love Covered

Posted to Action Poetry

your turn...... ;)


he had such a beautiful mind
and I knew it
the first day
we almost met
in gosford park
there were so many
other people there
and it was so hard
to find him

when i arrived
i was very dead

but then when
he looked at me
i knew --
he had such
a beautiful mind
and the dread
of a night alone
again left me there
in the bedroom,
so aware
of the dawn

a single mother
In the midst of
maine's beautiful
fleeting summer
which had come
and gone,

and i was
entrenched in
the unimagined
awe of it all,
staring out
into and through
the window
of him

and just then
when I thought I saw him
look up and catch my eye

just then,
it was as if
he became
the Lord
of the rings
which encircled
the sun in my soul,

the special effects
of fantasy
taking a bold
hold of my heart
as he saw right through me,

his sigh reflected in the wisdom
of his eyes' tries,
like a rainbow,
each hue
of love

and for just a moment

it was as if he were
painting my spirit
on a poster
tacked to a wall
with his

and the pity of it
was that i felt like
a cafe performer,
an outcast from society
applauding myself,
waiting for the

so wrong
that feeling
so wrong

and yet still i bowed
to the brilliance
of his artistry
as he drew himself
permenanty inside
my heart