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tasted sky pain sinking unto the mud
heard silent screams
reaching into the darkness with icy fingers to touch a shadow
waxy bodies sleep in the moonlight
your last unheard word hangs heavily above the bed searching the darkness before its ebb
smell the breathe
breathing hot down your back
rushing into a doorway
music gently pierces silence
some will comfort you
with booming train whistles
and powerful optimism
with deaf ears and deaf throat
crumpling up dollars and pages thrown down
speaking to an empty room
dimly lit overgrown with limp chewed forms
moans for a sip or a caress
a warm wind from the window
youths forgotten blind whimsy
it left too soon
piled over
piled over in a chair
broken watch on the floor
booze blood sweetens wood floor
untied shoes
laces rest there on floor
last draining colors
from last glazed eyes
peering at a cryptic memory
gesturing from the darkness
bemidst the winding trees
winding knotting tongues
across the street