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A Lament On Dead Sheep

Posted to Action Poetry

dead sheep everywhere lookin at me and wondering when i will step up and be like them and join in and want the picket fence and the car payments and 2.5 children and tv sitcoms after the barbeque....they don't trust me and withhold little secrets that don't interest me anyway--
they won't let loose their collars until they see me nicely tucked away in a cubicle manger made for three baecause they cannot. they blocked out the individual process and fear being a certified one percenter like me and in some ways they got it made. They Got It Made if they can really enjoy themselves and be content and happy- go-lucky and relish attending 3.25 weddings per fiscal quarter...they used me long enough to rent a couple of tuxedos, and then had little use for me. for they do not understand. They will not see the power. the wings...even if the flying is in mud, i would rather fly than drive a leased mini-van..........................