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drunk and high

Posted to Action Poetry

drunk and high
just like the other guy who asked
if i still cry
i reply yes but i dont see why
wish be his drug supply
always around and best drug found
but so far the supplys been down
or gone or not the right one
been the one to put a scar into skin
to leave w/ being a friend
maybe a quick short high
a hit and then a sigh
saying it happened again
dropping an arm
as if showing thru w/ your charm
asking if its okay to go sell a supply
like an alarm screaming "what did you just say?"
see i try not to connect the two together,
a supplys downside, sitting aside
just appearing this way
what way you ask...
you didnt see my past,
yet on past preconceived notions and judgments she wont rely
you know you're not the same
shes not your supply and wont question why you do what you do
you seem to not care, but for her you do,
so why must she worry that you wont be there..