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Some vegetables to offput your bubble-gum

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Check out Bob Dylan's recent, bluesy album Time out of Mind. He has several songs that say similar things to yours one without the cloying, five-part harmonies.

I'm walking through the summer nights
Jukebox playing low
Yesterday everything was going too fast
Today, it's moving too slow
I got no place left to turn
I got nothing left to burn
Don't know if I saw you, if I would kiss you or kill you
It probably wouldn't matter to you anyhow
You left me standing in the doorway, crying
I got nothing to go back to now
-Standing in the Doorway

You took a part of me that I really miss
I keep asking myself how long it can go on like this
You told yourself a lie; that's all right mama, I told myself one too
I'm trying to get closer but I'm still a million miles from you
-Million Miles

And from one of my alltime favorite Dylan (or anyone) songs:

There's too many people, too many to recall
I thought some of 'm were friends of mine; I was wrong about 'm all
Well, the road is rocky and the hillside's mud
Up over my head nothing but clouds of blood

I found my home, found my home in you
But your love just hasn't proved true
I'm twenty miles out of town, cold irons bound
Twenty miles out of town, cold irons bound

Alright, so mine aren't QUITE as uplifting as yours are, but you can't beat em for artistry!