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fry pan psychosis

Posted to Action Poetry

No. 1
brain is gelatine and i'm a vego
spent my youth in house of lego
thought if i went where it was they go
i too could learn what it is they know

were it a word i needed
i'm sure it would come eventually
i'm shore,grass,palms and sea
i've sore arse,arms,and knee
i'm rash creeping sensitively

drastic actions
from heart to print
mind burnt i squint

chances to take
missions to make
hell, I don't know
there is no description
there is no encryption
become my reflection
looking back
looking back
see a trigger pulled
me the pistol
you the sight
your wishes the bullseye

in an instance there is clarity
in an eternity there is nothing too see
in an hour i make good
in a minute ill get to it