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dream boat/ how i love evil/ immaculata

Posted to Action Poetry

The night sways like this back and forth from bottle to breath Its an inane sort of substance its the insanity of the stars the flesh and cosmosis of night on an night so cold it chills my skin to a hardened facet of time torn away with hook and claw from the infinite damnedness of night lit up like the tip of my half-gone cigarette i'm learning to eat my words this smoke is hazy makes me think of lovers long long gone the stale perfume of sweaty nightmares the way the internal circuitry of the body seems to clog the murmur of words like a confessional of sweat and raw vomit the moonglow is the only place to shoot a wish to with my pointed finger as if all life could be summed up in this radiance of infinite bars clairvoyant afterhours traffic needing that hurts the skull cavity look out there in the endless briar bush the road represents a mass entanglement the night makes me think of my bible and all those scars cosmetics dare not cover makes me think of the movement of my spine pushing me like a compass it makes me think of all the dreary girls with crimson eyes makes me think of my imaginary summer in Moscow makes me think of the buttons on my wellworn shirt i stand out in the cold its 20 degree weather snowing its napalm asphyxiation i stand outside on the sidewalk of my afterhours job the moon waltzing itself across the sky like and orgasmic friend all this i see through these two eyes with mountains in between try to tear myself away but tears bum the soul so i drift between scenery hoping for a slow fade into the portrait of uncertainty and ulcers and i breathe to tear out the pages inhale exhale and as i stand here on this asphalt lectern i reflect on isolatory immaculatas of alleluias and the porcelain demon on my dashboard so to lay down i must wait as i am populated with a sleepy urge to fall descend down and immerse myself into a dreamsong bed to lay and lie and start all over again