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the declamatia (verse 3)

Posted to Action Poetry

i declare the revelation
of these new identities,
a dynamic where tables
are of absurd heights &
chairs are as big as
the side of a house
& mountains are tiny
when compared with
distant planets & the
grains of sand are each
as big as new baseballs

i declare incongruous
juxtaposition as the
rule of order, where
driveways are mauve,
teal, bleached bone white,
lined up in strange rows
in contrast to each other
an edward scizzorhands
crashing the local reality
where counter tops have
moguls like a ski slope
where dogs have six legs,
sometime eight like a
panting centipede & run
wild with cats on two feet

i declare the the cleansing
of the rapacious monotone
of silence, a music of the
faculties that dances like
the tafetta of moonlight
on the satin of lullaby
mermaid skin, wet from
an ocean of sleek destiny

i declare the fruits of the
earth whirling like atoms
around fearless wobbly heads
the einstein of reason, the
kerouac of dreamy expression
the matisse of hope, the
mapplethorpe of shocking
beauty, the mute pavlova of
circuitous hand waving, the
faraday of yodels, the livingstone
of desperation quotas, the
khelebnikov of infinite space
the seven dwarfs of your
laughing impartial loyalty

i declare a hazing, a sugar
tattoo savoring of all painful
art & grace, the sacrificial
lamb of gorgeous birthing,
the sloughing off of a
horsehair skin to reveal
the nebulous that you
hoard in a fear fever,
unwilling to emerge in
broad daylight, oh sister
these arms are rising
like underground balloons
for you & the color of your
eyes will change like the
belly of a long chameleon
marking visual territory
slow, like midnight rain

-- markk