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swimming requires no direction

Posted to Action Poetry

lean me down in corrosive caresses, i'm sprawled out like a map, you the point the destination, what does dusk mean, what challenge dos thou represent, this creature this woman of insane curiosity, crawls across point a point be each step the angled tourist takes is a tiny pinprick soothing and godly, now as each of the clocks on my barren wall of shame point to the time their face reveals the revelation of dust decay alarming restlessness caught in the iron-clad Midwest all dreamy country contrariness, this is where a mind leaves this is where my insomniac nightmaric reality becomes all too apparent, now you come and im all bedazzled and stumbling like a monkey on a leash, throw me a kiss from the edge of your life its teetering and bouncing from corner to corner, history and wires keep us burning for surreal closeness and new masks, jump time jump grab it all you the story of the mind the heartbreak of music that clings to flesh pulls at the skin and makes magic out of paper aeroplanes, how everything decides because of you to bust out of the frames of pagan portraits so fine