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All that is in three parts or The Sea and the Apostrophe (my first post)

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this is my first post, appreciate any feedback! great site! thanks!

Everything in three parts
The Sea and the Apostrophe

An apostrophe has many slaves
what is mine?
who is mine?
who's am i?
it's all lonely road gibberish
to me
wisdom is the raging Colorado
with it's ten thousand years
eroding the rocks in your head

existence is
a ray of sunshine
made of particles
dust and light
in your perception

if i shun my apparel
and scoff at convention
twirl in glee and sing
then outcast shall i be?
then verily i go
cast me to the glorious sea
of ever-blessed infamy

time and space
and rhyme and grace
all captured by the broom
swept away
so i may play
in Tathagata's womb

is illusion
as you can plainly see
did it ever occur
you aren't who you were
or who you're suppossed to be?

have you ever noticed the
vanity of the sea?
it's silvery glimmering cap
like a house of mirrors
smiling at me from this glass cage

have you ever noticed the
mocking hysterical sea?
when motionless,
you can see you,
you can see me,
you can see sky, you can see trees
drop a pebble,
a ripple erases
all but a memory

have you ever noticed the
formless endless sea?
beyond the horizon
beyond sight
beyond your dreams
the sea is a happy laughing monk
free of apostrophes