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club movement

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looking around to a crowd less defined huddled together & moving like a stringed jack-rabbits... the movements of the damned defying gravity... the egos exchanged and exhaled like the breath of the asphyxiated.. a crack in the concrete of our faces...the plunge is deep free-falling and brutally graceful...all the garish makeup, the starvation of compassion... compassion refusing to feed bread for the illusion of ultrareal street children...the atmosphere of music creating the bump and grind of which-endedness...all those wartorn expatriates of exterior nightmare, confessing drunken secrets, promising wedding vows to the dawn.... awakening to a horde of expressionless faces in an ancient alley... look up with one half-closed amazed eye to see the foundation of the sun... and to rain, is what one desires, alphas and omegas, surgical baptism...rewinding of the film...