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Tender flows the night
hiding truth from truth
wherever were heading, my friend
Ill meet you somewhere near the beginning, uh the end
No one tells us their story true
take piece by piece with gentle wonder
and remember where you are baby,
Im not too far away,
Weaving patterned prose over the souls of the discontented
Ive found my truth in beauty,
how solemn walks my lovers
when they've forgotten how to be
I want to touch you where it hurts
and give you some of me,
inside this girl walks light of day
and night weaves patterns of good intentions
slowly unwinding with a whispered sigh
and think for a moment, my friend
remember all you know
there are no answers, that you seek
hidden in passages of the soul
the answers lay within you,
and for me to stand and shout my truths
doesnt make yours less real
were just too crazy weavers
waiting for the threads of our desire to meet and entwine,
when it comes to truths my friend
you show me yours
and Ill show you mine.