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here i stand
in all my illusion
with hair just so
and mouth just so
eyes sparkling just right
i have learned the secrets
over the years
i have learned how
to do this all
just the way i'm supposed to
but what you may not know
is that i am pretend
i am an illusion
this beautiful creature
of skin
and hair
and teeth
of flashing smiles
of red painted lips
of high heeled shoes
of soft perfume
i am not real
i am an actress
in costume
saying the lines
playing the part
being what i should be
but i am not this
i am not so vivid
i am something else entirely
but that's not what you
want to see
so i will lie some more
and put on more lipstick
cross my legs
and play the role
it's better this way anyway
for all of us
but i'm the only one
who knows the difference
at night
when i take off
my makeup