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temporary insanity: psychosis

Posted to Action Poetry

You are that last hit
that last shot
that last line
i shouldnt have started
but i did it anyway
dont know if i love you
or hate you
you couldnt keep quiet
so you left me
with nothing to say
frozen backed into
a corner
scared to answer the
afraid he'll pick it
up and youll
give it all away
threatened me like
you hate me now
you knew the situation
and you did it anyway
you are the last hit
the last shot
the last line
never imagined
it would all turn out
this way
made me wish id never
seen you
but somehow leave me
wanting more
im sick ,on edge
ive had too much of
im od'ing
shouldve seen this coming
but yes
i was deaf dumb
blind high
with your first touch
i had a bad feeling
but i did it