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Posted to Action Poetry

when i think of you
the lingering lust
emerges in the shape
of a twisted stomach
nausea of the mind
throws back
the taste of your kind
and mine
i can't forget it
and don't want to
i just want to feel
and do
watch you kneel,
restrained joyfully by the
whimpering chains
of passion, no games
just the truth
can make me cry
and in only a touch
you make me die
in sweet soft sighs
and naked thighs
oh dear
the dreams of forever highs
from intoxicating drives
to the endless paths
of discovery
that rediscover my motherly impulse
to kiss you and tell you
everything is alright.
the agony of not knowing
haunts the ulcer
that flaunts and
taunts the nerves
that stop relaying
my power to serve
my own ambition
lost in floods of secretions
and in our creation
we meet completion being whole
and dance in the freedom
of the open soul.