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A drifting Anxiety (please critique)

Posted to Poetry

The dunes have been ravaged once more
Stomped upon by the eager feet
Wept on by the sad sulking cloud of desperation
It poured out its agony in a fury of waves and nighttime attacks

The stars loom above shinning hope upon the sad gloomy flat.
Distant seashore walkers hold their flames as they wander the grooved smooth surface
The immaculate sand flows through the valley-like land, preserving the area.
The seashore walkers wander amongst the droning thunder of waves
Illuminated by their flicking light held in their hands
It drops and waves mirroring the ragged edge of the dunes it its tear like glow.

These beautiful swaying towers of sand have seen so much.
What wanders have chosen this place as a resting ground
Which elders have chosen these bluffs as their end?
Who will recreate these raging mysteries?

Dune grass skips and hops in its innocent manor,
Dancing to the sad ere chant of the crashing waves.
A storm is in the distance.
Quicksilver silence washes on the shore
Covers the area with a calm novocaine like painless feeling
Sterile and quite, oh so quite

I can feel the storm festering in the distance.
Almost reach out and touch its vein like structure
It’s pulsating, climaxing, churning with intensity.
The water is glass, gilded by disaster.

I sit from the bottom of the bluffs and watch from afar.
A young boy soon arrives at the top of the bluffs and searches
Scans the vast sandy beach, combs it and uncovers it with his eyes
Blue, crystal blue those eyes are.
You can see the hurt in those eyes
His eyes resemble the growing storm
Something’s festering in those once calm eyes.

He lifts his search from the smooth shore and closes on the blue frosty ocean
Looking through the now crashing waves
Through the receding wake
Through the ominous horizon
And closes his eyes with a seemingly heavy burden
A burden unknown to me
Something too overwhelming to understand, too shocking to take in.
For once I felt his crushed heart for a brief second.