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Except for tape, basic office supplies cannot be found
That is highly unusual, to say the least
If I were to say the least, this poem would not have been written
But as I type, this poem is not yet written.
"But as I type..."
I have found a typewriter!
That is highly unusual


He exclaimed:
Good heavens, there are enough notes here to write a novel!
That is what they are for, oddly enough.
He paused:
Look at this... I found more paper!
What do you expect me to do about it?
Write a poem?


Don't do it that way (you imbecile)
What do you think I'm trying to do?
Well, you're wrong
Mind your own business and
Don't try to be an intellectual like me
Here... Have another cracker


You have a brain, don't you?
In a box at home
(That figures)
Not now -- I have a hangover
(That figures too)
You can finish this poem, can't you?
A poem about brains?
Certainly not


Quality, not quantity, is stressed here.
Maybe I should get back to that
Someday I will
But not today
This line was inserted primarily for bulk
As was this one
But will it sell?
Can this poem possibly be published?
I believe so

-Marc Weber (
(from the Junk Poetry collection, 1982)