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The Japanese Gov - Electric Willy

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Hey Willy,

Your question is one that would be best devoted over a bottle of wine or two or three or four. But, since we are on the web, I will make it short and sweet.
The Japanese government is detrimentally corrupt. Laws typically aren't enforced ever: Short-selling stocks, wearing seat belts, driving drunk, juvenille crimes, etc. The only laws that are enforced are the ones at the airport: ie- Paul trying to bring drugs in. Trying to bring porno in. Trying to get in illegally.
Normally, the government here expects people to just act on their best behavior. Generally it works on a local non professional level. BUT, when you begin speaking about politicians and big business.....well, rules don't apply to them. A great comparison is this: If you watch the news in America, you will learn about the latest deaths, kidnappings, etc. If you watch a Japanese news cast, you will scandal after scandal and then maybe some cutesy-shit. (This country is obsessed with being cute). Anyway, the number of politicians getting busted each day and company heads being nailed for ripping off the government or the people is non-stop. This is the shortest answer I can give. The social components are long and a bit complex, though I find them the most interesting. Hit me with some questions. I love talking about this stuff. Cheers.